Come experience the solace and rejuvenation that is School Thota.

With a heritage from 1878, School Thota is a gracious plantation bungalow, nestled in the picturesque locale of Kodagu. With aesthetically beautiful interiors designed in the colonial style equipped with modern facilities and a gracious hospitality, this home offers a memorable holiday experience.

The concept of SchoolThota was conceived by Shrimathi K. Saraswathi Aiyappa and her son K. A. Kushalappa in the year 2014.

School Thota offers a perfect ambience which gifts that pleasant touch of sitting in a bamboo chair, under a bougainvillea tree, sipping lemonade and letting your mind relax. The stay at School Thota reminiscences with a gentle breeze ruffles through. The landscaping around the bungalow is serene and a divine treat for your eyes with a beautiful garden humming with bees and birds. Cuisines are chosen from the traditional home food. The plantation where the fragrance of the orange blossom wafts in the air is a nature lover’s delight. Take a stroll by the river side and pass by a valley where palm fronds are waving, gently beckoning to relax under the shade.

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